African pearls

Proverbs contain the philosophy, humour, symbolism and religions of the peoples who use them. The Apostle Paul understood this principle. He borrowed a quote from  Grecian poets to enlighten his audience.  

'As their poets have said' Acts 17:28

The sentiment is universal and not restricted to Greeks or any particular race of poets. I therefore have created this page based on the Apostle Paul’s method to open up a goldmine of Akan proverbs to enrich your mind. Enjoy!


27 Gossip

26 Pointless

25 Final warning

24 The body guard

23 In the know

22 Avoid trouble

21 Strategy

20 Powerful people

19 Fear aliaenates 

18 Protection

17 Ask

16 Free yourself

15 Did you hear about?

14 Manipulation

13 Confidence

12 Rethink before you take a short cut

11 Necessitate                          Team Ghana