African pearls

Proverbs contain the philosophy, humour, symbolism and religions of the peoples who use them. The Apostle Paul understood this principle. He borrowed a quote from  Grecian poets to enlighten his audience.  

'As their poets have said' Acts 17:28

The sentiment is universal and not restricted to Greeks or any particular race of poets. I therefore have created this page based on the Apostle Paul’s method to open up a goldmine of Akan proverbs to enrich your mind. Enjoy!


55 Unafraid

54 Respect

53 hardship

52 Big problems require big solutions

51 Excellence

50 manage your emotions

49 Helping

48 Guilty

47 Prosperity

46 Disunity

45 Survival

44 It’s not all over until the sheep is dead

43 Creating options

42 Assistance required 

41 Carelessness

40 Lady helpers

39 Be prepared

38 Endless capability

37 beware of overdoing things

36 Character assasintion 

35 Slight vexations can esculate 

34 Backstabbing rule

33 False optimism

32 Poor advisors

31 Divine watchman

30 Kindness without limits

29 Protect your ears

28 Turnaround

27 Gossip

26 Pointless