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Please consider writing a psalm/prayer in the reply box by scrolling down to the end of the page.

Maybe before you write your psalm/prayer you might want to stop everything you’re doing and have a five minute talk with God. 

Sit down comfortably feet flat on the floor………

images-2Be still. Relax your muscles, calm your breathing, listen
images-1Remember something for which you are grateful. Say thank you to God for it, and be sure God is happy for you
16333-03 Remember something you regret. Say sorry to God for it and be sure God forgives you
imagesThink of some good thing you would like for another person. Ask God for it. If what you want isn’t possible, God will still use your prayer to bless that person
16348-05-1 Think of some good thing you would like for yourself. Ask God to show you if it’s right for you, and listen for the answer. God seeks to guide you
Unknowntips to help your prayer life https://www.str.org/articles/ten-tips-to-help-your-prayer-life#.Wokvj62cbBI

 Please send us your prayer requests or write your psalm


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