Temptation is an emotional expereince

‘where for forty days he was tempted by the devil’ Luke 4:2

Jesus was put to the test. Like any other person he was tempted to make mistakes, tempted to do wrong and tempted to sin. He’s human after all and his humanity is in plain view.

Christ is an affectionate man Matthew 19:13, 14, a sympathetic man 23:37; John 11:35, a compassionate man Mathew 12:32. All good hman emotions.

However, in a fallen world, human emotions are prone to corruption. Our affections wander off to places where they shouldn’t be. Sympathy mutates into hard- heartedness, love grows cold. Not so with Jesus, the Bible says Jesus was,

‘tempted in every way yet without sin‘ Hebrews 4:15.

Was it possible for Jesus God’s Son to sin? Yes! Jesus displayed the legitimate emotion of anger. Mathew 17:17. John 2:14-16. Therefore it must be possible for him to sin in that anger. But Christ did not do so. The Lord’s anger is righteous, justified and sin free.

There’s nothing wrong with anger itself. Anger is a healthy and protective emotion. Find out more about the positivive side of anger https://www.spring.org.uk/2012/03/the-upside-of-anger-6-psychological-benefits-of-getting-mad.php

However, the Bible warns against unjustified anger

Psalm 4:4. ‘Be angry, and do not sin’ 

Ephesians 4:26.‘in your anger do not sin’

Col 3:8 put away (sinful) anger rage)

Jesus batted away every carnal and demonic temptation. Even in the most extream circumstances. He never sinned in his anger. Even after forty days in the wilderness without food Jesus was famished. But he refused to turn stones in to bread and eat that bread as the devil suggested.

There’s nothing wrong with Jesus using his powers to supernaturally make bread. Jesus did this when he fed five thousand hungry people  (Matthew 14:13-21Mark 6:31-44Luke 9:12-17John 6:1-14). And the second miracle,of  “Feeding of the 4,000”, with seven loaves of bread and fish,  Matthew 15:32-39and Mark 8:1-9,

Therefore, Jesus could have easily made bread rolls out of a stones when he was tempted in the wilderness.

But in doing so, he would have given in to Satan’s manipulation. We don’t like being manipulated by people.  So why do we let the devil manipulate us? Block the devil out of your life in the name of Jesus Christ!

Find out more on how to avoid temptation  https://www.thoughtco.com/how-to-avoid-temptation-701018

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