‘I can’t believe it Nan, but I can see it for myself, it’s amazing’..submitted healing testimony

I contacted Ebony’s Mum, to arrange a sleep over at our house on Saturday night.

Ebony was just nine years old and was blind in her left eye.

I planned to take her to church the Sunday morning. My Christian friends and I prayed that nothing would hinder Ebony from attending this special healing service. In fact, the night before Ebony asked me what was special about the church meeting tomorrow.  I replied something like

some people are healed at the evangelist’s services

We all attended the meeting next day. The evangelist finished preaching and prayed for people. Ebony stepped forward for prayer with the children. The evangelist asked the people in the prayer line to put their hands where the pain or sickness was hurting.

People were also asked to lift up their hands if they wanted to become a Christian. Ebony  said “yes I do”.

After that my pastor asked Ebony to put her finger over her good eye. She was born completely blind in the left eye. There was a cataract covering the eye and experts were unable to do anything about it. Ebony was under a consultant since birth.  During the prayer she covered her blind eye with her hand.  Then our pastor prayed for her sight to be restored in Jesus’ name.

My friend Gwen stood nearby and  raised some fingers asking if Ebony could count them, whilst covering her good eye.  She could. She could see all the fingers clearly. It was a miracle. The people were emotional. The atmosphere was electrifying and amazing.

Monday after school Ebony’s Mum, my Grand-daughter telephoned me for a chat. She told me she’d made black and white cards to test Ebony’s Blind eye. She passed. Ebony could see clearly. My family are not Christians but her mum said to me,

 ‘I can’t believe it Nan, but I can see it for myself it’s amazing’

A few weeks later the consultant confirmed Ebony had restored vision in her left eye.

The consultant would now be able to remove the cataract.

I’ve told this story because I want people to know,

Jesus still heals today. I saw this miracle with my own eyes. There are many wonderful testimonies to be heard.


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