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Do you like vintage clothes? Go back in time and consider the many fashion trends. The Edwardian teddy boy suits rocked up in 1950’s. The boys London mod style excited swinging 60’s. Platform heels towered high in the 70’s. Ankle warmers wrapped us snuggly in the 80’s. Tight sports tees and Adidas Sambas whizzed in the 90’s. Airbrushed shirts arrived in 2000’s.

And the key catwalk looks of today?

Gone by tomorrow!

However, what would it be like forward looking into fashion, trends? Well, that’s what the Bible does.

Psalm 22:18 Provides a glimpse of Jesus’ clothing one thousand years before it was manufactured.  That’s forward thinking alright.

 ‘They divide my clothes among them and cast lots for my garment’ Psalm 22:18

Fast forward one thousand years. Jesus is dressed for his crucifixion at Calvary. But his killers and a gang of haters proceed to shame the Lord in a nasty, vile attack, of ‘debagging’.

As was the grotesue custom of the day, the soldiers kept the belongings of the people they crucified. So, they shared out Christ’s clothes. What clothes are these? What was Jesus wearing?

Some headgear.

A pair of sandals.

A belt.

An outer garment.

The four soldiers removed these items and divided them equally

they divide my clothes

Each soldier took an item.

But there was a fifth item. Jesus wore a classy seamless tunic.

woven in one piece from top to bottom’ John 19:23

Such long robes were not sewed together. They were crafted designer brands, specially made. Woven not sewn. How would the four soldiers share this expensive item? Tearing it into four parts seemed such a waste.

They decided to throw dice for the garment John 19:23-24.

 The soldiers were seen and overheard talking amongst themselves at the foot of the cross,

let us not tear it’ (the trendy outfit) ‘let us decide by lot who will get it’.

The Apostle John records this conversation after realising the significance of psalm 22:18. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit John makes an eye-opening comment and he clues his readers into a prophecy.

This happened that the scripture might be fulfilled’ John19:24

The gambling for Christ’s clothes was not an accident or chance incident. Neither did the soldiers deliberately throw the dice to fulfil the prophesy. The soldiers were only thinking of themselves and the spoils they could plunder from the Lord’s possessions.

I doubt that the soldiers even saw the connection of their behaviour to psalm 22:18 Besides this is not the only prophecy Jesus fulfilled.

For what it’s worth, a clergy man named,

Canon Liddon, says there are three hundred and thirty-two distinct prophecies in the Old Testament which have been literally fulfilled in Christ.

The mathematical probability of all these prophecies being fulfilled in one man (Jesus) is represented by the fraction,

                                1                                                                                    1


The fulfilment of psalm 22:18 is greater than its prediction, one thousand years previously.

Now here’s the deal. My clothes don’t have celebrity status. But some people’s clothing does have celebrity status. Marty McFly’s ‘Back to the Future 2’s’ Nike Shoes, or Sylvester McCoy’s ‘Doctor Who’s’ Panama hat, or ‘Star Trek’s’ engineer’s costumes. People would like to buy these clothes. So too back in the day the woven garment of Jesus was a sort after item. The soldiers wanted the trendy garment to add to their wardrobe or sell it off as a celebrity costume.

How amazing. God sees the future in minute detail. The Bible comments about the clothes Jesus wore on the day of his crucifixion. The undergarment gambled for by the soldiers did not escape God’s attention. It’s on display in psalm 22:18’s shop window.

It’s an eerie feeling isn’t it? God knows the very clothes you’ll be wearing when you die. God knows what will happen to every garment in your wardrobe. He knows if your clothes will be given away, thrown away, sold, auctioned or be a prize for a gambling wager.

Of course, we’ll wear our burial clothes on the day of our death. But that clothing will not be enough to save us. The Bible urges us to be

clothed in Christ’ This designer clothing is spiritual attire which saves the soul.

What does it mean to be clothed in Christ? Find out more

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