Knock knock! Who’s there? ‘The guy who makes amazing things happen in your life’ …Maureen’s submitted testimony

About four years before I knew Jesus‘ said Maureen,IMG_0014

‘I went through an extremely difficult phase in my life. I was losing weight and I couldn’t sleep. I felt desperate. I was struggling to cope with life, with all its snares and pitfalls. During that time I found myself calling on God to help me cope, even with the mundane things.

To my absolute amazement, lots of positive things began to happen. What I didn’t know was that the only Christian friend I had was regularly praying for me, with other Christians in her house group because I was going through a crisis.

One Sunday having been invited to their church, I reluctantly went along, just to please them really. And I was totally baffled because people were joyfully singing about their love for Jesus. 10516751_414744068683227_3670396689697461164_n

When to my knowledge they never met him. Anyway time passed, but I could never forget the whole experience at the church. I was convinced that God was real and that he hears us and takes action in our lives. (This was not a brief time of emotionalism)

My powerful encounter at church that day remained with me. In fact it was about four years after that out of the blue I too had a great desire to attend church.

I just wanted to thank God for all the many blessings we receive. It was not very long before I found out how much Jesus loves me. And soon I was able to sing of my love for him and I still can today’.

Maureen was baptised in water.  Find out more ‘Believer’s baptism’

Now fourteen years later Maureen says that she’s ‘endeavouring with Jesus help to talk the talk and walk the walk’.IMG_7352

She shares her baptism scripture explaining that,

Jesus said,

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock

If anyone hears my voice and opens the door

I will come in and eat with him and he with me‘ Revelation 3:20

Jesus invites each one of us to open the door and let him come into our hearts and into our lives. 

Want to become a Christian? Find out more

Maureen continues to fellowship at her local church and she has a keen interest in craftwork. She made a bride and groom teddy bear tribute for her son’s wedding  IMG_0194 copy

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