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Judges Chapter 4

Deborah encouraged Barak to ‘lead the way’.  Initially he was reluctant to get involved until she worked her charm on him. It was not an era for the faint hearted.

Barak’s generation witnessed developments in the art of warfare and technology

The early Iron Age in the Middle East was making its mark. Iron chariots had replaced wooden chariots, Judges 4:13.

Israel experienced a big political change

Unlike the previous days of Moses and Joshua, the nation didn’t have a central administration. When Barak was alive a loose federation of tribes governed the land. This alliance was a weak form of government

The rise of individualism is evident

The book of Judges says on three occasions that,

everyone did as he saw fit’ Judegs17. 6, 21,25,

Barak’s generation was revolutionised by technological/military, political and social advances.

It was at this critical point that the prophetic voice of Deborah urged Barak to,

‘lead the way’

Like the days recorded in the book of Judges, our world stands on the threshold of a new era. For some this is the ‘age of apocalypse’ for others it’s the ‘golden age’.

Either way the world is experiencing changes on a grand scale.

Like the days of Barak, warfare and technology advance at a fast pace

Gone are the days when solders marched into war carrying a sword and shield, (first wave warfare)

Industrial war of mass destruction inflicted by highly developed tanks, planes, ships and guns is now plateuing (second wave warfare)

We’re spiralling into ‘third wave warfare’

President Trump recently talked about creating a space force to fight wars in space.

Weak governments and politically volatile situations are also prevalent today

Find out more ‘the world’s most ten unstable countries’ includes, Russia and China

Individualism thrives now

We’ve moved from institutional help to self-help. Transferred from state pension funds to personal pension schemes. Progressed from stereo to personal stereo. Advanced from phones to smart phones. The fact is,

‘Individual empowerment, fuelled by increasing prosperity, greater educational opportunities, especially for women, and the technological revolution are the megatrends of the coming decades, proclaims the US government’s chief strategic forecaster’ Find out more

This is the age of individualism, political unrest and technological /military advances.

At this important point in history the world needs Christian leadership like never before.  Like Deborah called Barak, the word of the Lord calls for the church to ‘lead the way’.

Leadership is needed. This leadership must be the leadership of the church in the true spirit and authority of Jesus Christ.

And this is how Jesus leads.

But after I have risen, I will go ahead of you into Galilee’ said Jesus. Matt 26.32

Ahead (pro-argo) means to lead forward ‘magisterially’.

Be encouraged fellow Christians

Our Master is risen

He goes before us magisterially in this generation

He directs us with masterful wisdom

He empowers with complete Holy Spirit authority

By faith, we march with Him, wherever He leads we follow. Even though some of us may be reluctant and need persuading. God’s grace will always work its charm on us 🙂


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