So you want to be a preacher? According to Martin Luther a good preacher should have these 9 qualities and virtues…

  1. Teach systematically
  2. Have a ready wit
  3. Be eloquent
  4. Have a good voice
  5. Have a good memory
  6. Know when to stop
  7. Sure of their own doctrine
  8. Should go out and grapple with body and blood and wealth and honour in the word
  9. Tolerate being mocked and jeered by everybody.

This list is helpful but best of all the only way to preach is to PREACH BY FAITH. Regardless of how many qualities or virtues we may or may not have, always nothing without faith. Preaching and faith are inseparably linked.

‘Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God’ Romans 10:17

Go preach then brethren and sisterette 🙂


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